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Engineering was once a revered title, that only a handful of people occupied. But thanks to boom of self financing engineering colleges, engineering has become a common course, that anyone could easily attain a degree in. the number of engineering graduates in our state has shot up so much that, it has become almost an obvious choice of any student looking for a graduate degree. The mass production of graduates by the self financing colleges have not only flooded the job market with a vast population of skill-less engineers, but also deeply undermined the profession’s ethics and sanctity. public Works Minister G. Sudhakaran recently called for the abolition of all self-financing colleges in the State, as they fail to make any positive contributions to society.

Securing admission to engineering colleges is in fact a difficult task, or was, a difficult task, until the self financing managements made an entry into the field. Self financing colleges provide an alternate and easy route to secure an engineering degree. Instead of preparing for months, struggling with coaching, fighting to secure high ranks in the engineering exam (KEAM), self financing colleges provide the opportunity for everyone to attain a degree, provided they simply qualify the exam, and have enough money to be dished out , which is comparatively a much easier task. Even candidates with scarce understanding of math and science, by paying higher fees, wind up with a degree and call themselves as “engineers”.

But once a student secures admission in a self financing college, soon all the promises starts to fade away. They find themselves bounded in a world of restrictions. Theses self financed colleges have become no more than an extension of school life. All the preconceptions of a college life filled with color and vibrance are fast washed away and replaced by monochrome monotonous guidelines. The life of a student in a government college and that in a self financed college is a stark contrast.

Colleges are meant to be a nurturing field. Not just an institution that produces a degree holder, but one that creates socially responsible individuals, with free thinking and intellectual capabilities, who are self sufficient in handling the difficulties of life and can bring about a change in the society. But the growth of self financing managements has successfully ended the pipe dream.

The students are regulated in every aspect. Beginning from the compulsory wearing of uniform to stemming all forms of free thinking or protests. They are forcefully confined to their classrooms, exorbitantly fined for “wrong doings”, and the right and wrong are solely decide by the management. Forgetting to wear an id card or sporting a beard are apparently grave mistakes on which the students are fined. There have been several instants of gross arrogance and unethical conduct of these management authorities. The recent death of an engineering student, Jishnu, was one of the foremost incidents.

The students find themselves trapped in a matrix of regulations and are choked in the pressure to perform. The managements have always found one way or another to stem all sorts of protests from the students. Creativity and free thinking are efficiently cut out from the curriculum. These managements function on the sole agenda of mass producing engineering graduates and maximizing their profits in the process. Many of the management boast about 100% placement in their colleges, but the truth behind this till date remains shrouded. Colleges have become more of factories that churn out a set number of graduates every year to the IT industries.

Apart from being an easy route for the richer sections to secure an engineering degree, the self finance managements have succeeded in destroying all sorts of free thinking and creativity among generations of talented students. Not only the world has lost a large number of talented artists and creative geniuses but also the engineering proffession has lost its sacred prestige.


Will be continued with more stories about the harsh rulings of the self finance managements…