Rusty Radio

Grief of monsoon sets upon me,

As the earthen grievances cloud the skies.

Raindrops splattering on window sills,

Teardrops squeezed from heaven they fell,

The rusty radio revived from lethargy,

Crackling, coughing, Chocking up lost melodies

Flooding my displaced soul

With music and memories.

For I hear your laughter,

Echoing across the dusty attic

Resonating from veiled shadows across nether land.

Your silhouette dancing against the setting sun

The way you twirl, hair bouncing to the rhythm,

Eyes lost in a distant world,

The way you slow dance,

Humming to the silent music,

Your scent trailing in the wind.

Memories and dreams merging

On the horizons of crimson melancholy

 Fading to oblivion as the music cracks,

Parched sighs exhumed from the barren heart,

Rusty radio cracking and coughing

Memories fading out with dying echoes.

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